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The College that Just Sent an Acceptance Letter WANTS You to Ask for a Better Price

“Wait, what?!  People negotiate college prices???” Yep.  All the time. In fact, most colleges wish that more accepted applicants would ask for a lower price. Now pick yourself up off the floor and keep reading.  Because knowing this simple college cost hack may well save you thousands of dollars. You Say Negotiate, They Say Appeal (let ’em have this one) Before we get started – a quick tip about word choice.  Colleges care a lot about keeping up appearances, especially when…

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Why “Safety, Target, Reach” Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore

What is Safety, Target, Reach Anyway? Google “build a college list.” Watch a college search webinar. Read a book about how to apply to college. Guaranteed, they’ll all tell you some version of the same thing: the list of colleges you apply to should include schools that fit into each of three categories: Safety – where you have a 75% or higher chance of getting accepted Target – where you have about a 50/50 shot at getting accepted Reach –…

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How You Pick Your College Could Cost You Lots

No matter if it’s cars or candy bars, every marketplace has one thing in common.  The seller hopes to influence the buyer’s decision by appealing to their emotions.  That’s the best way to get the buyer to pay more than they would otherwise.  But the buyer knows that if they can keep their emotions in check and stick to a rational comparison of pros and cons, they have a better chance of paying less than they would otherwise.  In every…

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