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The content published on our website is written within the context of  existing FAFSA rules.  These rules are subject to change for students entering or already in college in 2024.  Please read our newsletter to regular updates on the status of these proposed changes which, though codified into law, are still subject for revision by the Department of Education.

how to deal with burnout college

How To Deal With Burnout In College

In these days of overstimulation from social media, news broadcasts, working many hours, taking college courses, and trying to have an enjoyable home life, the term burnout is more prevalent than ever. But, what exactly is it, and how can we avoid it, or at least have tools to lessen its hold on our lives?  There are three main types of burnout: college, work, and social. Who knew!! One gets tired and stressed just reading these terms. However, generally speaking,…

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Can’t Afford College Even With Financial Aid? Read This!

Many families think the financial aid process ends once a student accepts a financial aid package and enrolls in college. However, it turns out that contacting a school’s financial aid office can help a student stay in school when that package turns out to not be enough. According to a recent report, money is the most common reason students drop out of college. In 2017, more than 38% of students cited financial pressure as the main reason for discontinuing their studies.…

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when is it too late to change your major

When Is It Too Late To Change Your Major?

Is your college student thinking about changing their major? If so, they aren’t alone! Between 70-80% of students change majors in the course of their college career. However, many students and their families wonder "When is it too late to change your major?". The answer to this depends on their unique situation, such as what year of school they're currently in, the specific major they chose, and more. If your college student is stuck between switching majors or staying put,…

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How To Finish College Early

With so many things to juggle in life these days, students want to know how to finish college early. Is it possible? Yes, but it takes a bit of planning with the correct information to guide you. There are many choices and paths available - you just need to decide how to get all your ducks in a row for which ones are best for you and make a plan.  How To Finish College Early - A Guide On Different…

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Three Tips For Optimizing Your Appeal For More Merit Aid

Your appeal for additional financial aid is not something that begins after you receive your award letter and suddenly realize you can’t afford to pay for your child’s dream school. Your appeal, rather, is one of many components of your overall game plan to pay for college. It can be one of the most important components for lowering college costs.  Here are three important tips for optimizing your merit aid through the appeals process:  Plan your appeal early. It should…

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What Happens If You Fail A Class In College?

Attending college is an exciting part of one's learning journey. The abundance of students, resources, and activities contribute to a friendly environment that makes it easy to find enjoyment. However, the allure of enjoyment can oftentimes result in poor academic performance. It isn't just parties or friendly gatherings that take time away from studying, but it can also be the innocent decision to get carried away in utilizing all of the resources. For aspiring creative writers, you won't be the…

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Our College Visit Checklist For Students And Parents

College visits are the best way for students and parents to identify if a college is a good fit for their family.  Virtual and high school visits are great ways to get an introduction to the college and decide if it’s worth visiting., whereas on-campus visits provide the most comprehensive experiences.  In my work as a high school counselor, I always recommend students visit in person whenever possible and encourage them to ask themselves the following questions: Can I see myself…

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Meet Juno Student Loans (Formerly LeverEdge)

Finally, you've selected the right college to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate degree! You worked tirelessly to get your application approved to secure a seat in your dream college and everything seems to be going perfectly. But now, another hurdle lays ahead of you - paying your own tuition and student loans. The student community often feels dejected because they have no say over the interest rates, which they will be paying for a considerable part of their lives. What…

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When Should You Begin Thinking About Your Post-College Career?

Choosing a college major and finding the right college in which to pursue that major can feel overwhelming for both students and parents.  Although starting school as an undecided major is an option, it often leads to more time in college and more money spent on a degree in the long run.  Exploration, research, and visits are key college planning elements for moving from major distress to major decision. As such, it's best that students begin thinking about their post-college…

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Financial Aid Workshop Opportunities With MCPT

Nearly every student will need to apply for financial aid at some point in their life. Whether it is because they have a parent who is not able to cover the cost of tuition, or because they are seeking out scholarships and grants to help pay for school, these types of educational funding are important. However, there are many different types of financial aid and scholarship opportunities that can be confusing. Luckily,  we offer numerous financial aid workshop opportunities throughout…

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